PropertyForYou was created to provide comprehensive support to clients looking for their dream property abroad. Our main goal is to conduct the transaction in a safe and efficient manner. Since 2009, we have held a Real Estate Broker License Liability Insurance Policy Often it is not easy to find yourself in the reality of another country, so below is a full range of services:
meeting at the office and presentation of offers
presentation of a property to a client in Spain
assistance in negotiations with the Constructor and in obtaining a loan in Spain
support in opening an account with a Spanish bank
cooperation with Constructor companies that have been on the market for more than 20 years
we cooperate with companies dealing with interior design
finding the right property by selecting in terms of location and financial capabilities. In order to increase the possibilities, we also obtain offers from partner real estate offices in Spain
support of law firm and notary office

PropertyForYou will guide you through all the steps on your way to your dream destination under the skies of sunny Spain.

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