• Data publikacji: 13.10.2022

The country is undoubtedly experiencing a renaissance of sorts among people from Poland, who are choosing to buy property primarily on the sunny Costa Blanca.

Have you wondered why?

There are several reasons.

First of all: 

Mediterranean and dry climate, which gives us almost 300! sunny days a year. This allows us to enjoy the delights of life practically all year round. 

The Costa Blanca offers us access to many tourist attractions and the possibility of sports such as golf, tennis, road biking ( many excellent routes with elevation gain), hiking or water sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing.


Many Europeans, including Poles, have begun to consider a second home in Spain due to the highly precarious situation across the eastern border.  Due to its location, the country is being considered as a kind of asylum, and as a result, gated residential estates with swimming pool complexes are very popular. According to Rellox company, as a result of the Russian invasion, interest in real estate in Spain has increased by 45% month on month, in the case of Mallorca by 111% and the Canary Islands by 70%.


INFLATION. This is a key word for many people, but also for forecasts. The pandemic plus the war in Ukraine has strongly weakened the Polish currency, which is still under pressure in the second half of the year. This gives a boost to real estate investments in other countries such as Spain precisely. No one quite knows how this situation will turn out. In September 2022, inflation was at 17.2% . Such a high level was recorded for the first time since February 1997.

Fourth and last:

Housing prices in Poland. Inflation, the war in Ukraine, problems with building materials or the Pandemic have had a huge impact on the increase in housing prices in Poland. All these interconnected vessels have built us an inadequately expensive real estate market in Poland, compared, for example, to rental rents, which have been relatively low.

Today, for similar money, and often even better, we are able to buy the same apartment in Spain. An additional advantage is also the possibility of obtaining a loan in a Spanish bank often with a simpler procedure than in Poland.

Therefore, if we are thinking of buying a property this is the moment. Regardless of whether we plan to have a second home or want to profit from renting, it is worth considering this idea.